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Normal hair loss: How much hair loss is normal?

It is the million dollar question: how much hair is normal to fall out? All men ask ourselves at least a couple of times a year. Whether you have reason to worry or not, you've probably been staring at your hair that fell into the sink while combing your hair and wondering if this is the beginning of the end.

If you have bald heads in your family, you're probably worried about the hair you see in the drain every morning. Advertisements for hair loss products have wrongly led us to believe that every loose hair that isn't on the head is a losing battle, a war. of wear: the good ones against the bald ones, but the loss of hair throughout the day is perfectly normal and, within a certain limit, it is not a reason for you to worry.

there is a big difference enter here normal fall of hair and loss.

This is what you need to know:

How much hair loss is normal?

On average a men have more of 100,000 hairs in the head and that fall some 100 al day it is totally normal. The most of by the what do you you find in the drain have ended up there like final from his cycle of life natural. Each hair has a normal life cycle, and the life cycle of each hair is independent of the others next to it.

The life useful of one follicle hairy can be divided into three phases: anagen, catagen and telogen:

  • The phase anagen is the phase of increase, and the 90% of hair of a normal person usually be in is phase at one point.
  • The phase catagen, which is the kind of years golden of the follicle. In this phase the follicle already of growing up, and basically withdraws and live the few weeks that the remain of life.
  • The phase telogen, is the phase dead. The fur it is dead and prepare for fall down and the follicle rest before starting the cycle again. Unless something goes wrong, a normal person will have about 9% of you hair in this phase.

Signs that you are balding

Naps noting what you lose plus of 100 by the approximately per day O You feel that no you are seeing so many follicles return to exercise as it is before possible that you are starting to lose fur.

exist many different types of baldness:

androgenic alopecia

alopecia androgenic It is the most common type of hair loss in men, and it is probably the one you are suffering from. Androgenetic alopecia can appear from the 20 years, although it may take longer to develop and may not be noticeable for some time.

The symptoms of androgenic alopecia are what we know as baldness male: where do you see that each turn you have plus front Y any less fur at the edges, the crown more to the vista O baldness absolute. Androgenic alopecia is caused due to factors such as genetics, the hormones and/or the age.

It can deal with with a variety of medicines topics Y oral, which slow down or stop the hairline from receding, and in some cases can even restart growth.

telogen effluvium

The effluvium telogen usually caused by a injury grave o stress. It can be him result of one fever high, one operation recent, one loss of weight significant and sudden, high doses of anxiety Y stress in the day to day or the recovery of a illness.

with the effluvium telogen plus of 10 percent of the follicles hairy is it so in the telogen phase, which makes a amount disproportionate of the hair follicles is inactive. Except on rare occasions, it affects the entire scalp evenly, so you will not experience bald spots but fine hair.

During some months most likely you recover that fur original, as long as the illness or the cause of stress has passed.

traction alopecia

The medical term for wearing your hair in such a tight bun that it damages your follicles is traction alopecia. It is sometimes called traumatic alopecia and can be caused by injuries graves in the leather hairy or by hairstyles aggressive, that is, anything that includes jerks, Burns O any other kind of damage al hair.

It is also necessary to take into account the affections psychological as the trichotillomania, consisting of rip off literally the fur (often caused by stress).

The best solution for this type of hair loss is finish with the injuries chemical and physical properties of the scalp. This means that there is no need to bleach, smooth, or anything that could cause trauma to it.

Alopecia areata

Although technically it is a disease autoimmune, alopecia area is a type of loss by what cause that own system immune. Basically, the system autoimmune attack the follicles causing damage that, if left untreated, ends up preventing the hair from growing completely.

Being an autoimmune disease, it is difficult of reverse and, for the moment, there is no known cure.

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