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10 false myths about sun protection

It's cool to be tan!!! Your tan suggests "the good life" and that you had a relaxing vacation.

The days of summer are coming to an end and you are already back at work.


Have you kept sun creams in the cupboard?

ERROR, you know that climate change has caused us to enjoy five more weeks of summer and dermatologists recommend applying sunscreen from March to October, especially in the most exposed areas (bald, face, arms...).

Fortunately, we are increasingly aware of the effect of sunlight on our skin, although some seem to have forgotten it.


For this reason, we are going to remember the 10 false myths about applying sunscreen, so that you take note and enjoy these days outdoors in complete safety:

Staying in the shade is enough protection for your skin.

FALSE, the reflection of the sun is everywhere, so apply cream even to be under a tree.

The more amount of cream I apply, the better protected my skin is.

FALSE, the amount of cream that fits on the tip of the finger is enough to cover the surface equivalent to the palm of the hand. If you reapply another layer of cream, you do not create a greater protective barrier.

The sun protection factor is the same for all skin types.

FALSE, if you have dark and tanned skin, it requires less protection than light skin that is little exposed to the sun, because you make more melanin and you do not burn as easily, which does not mean that you should not use a photoprotector to prevent the aging of your skin.

Using SPF15 protection is enough.

FALSE, a higher SPF increases the amount of protection time of your sunscreen. It is recommended that you use SPF 30, 50 or 50+ and apply it every two hours (even on cloudy or rainy days) to have greater protection and prevent the appearance of spots on your skin.

If I have acne, I should avoid the protector because I get more pimples.

FALSE, the sun is a false friend of acne. It produces a dryness of your skin, but the radiation inflames your sebaceous glands and after the summer you may have a reappearance of acne. It is advisable to apply an oil-free sunscreen specifically for your acne-prone skin.

I must apply a cream for the body and another for the face.

FALSE, it will depend on the product, but most are designed for both parts of the body.

High protectors prevent me from tanning.

FALSE, with high protection it takes longer to tan, but your tan will last longer and be more even. Remember that tanning is your skin's defense mechanism, to protect it from the effects of solar radiation.

Factor 50 completely protects me from all types of radiation and I can spend more time in the sun.

FALSE, remember that even protected, the abuse of the sun is dangerous and causes premature aging of your skin. Remember to apply the cream half an hour before sun exposure, to give it time for total absorption and the creation of the protective screen. Repeat the application of the SPF50 protector every two hours.

After bathing, I should not apply sunscreen again because it is waterproof.

FALSE, although the protector is waterproof, it must be applied again after each bath to be fully protected. No matter how good the cream is, it loses effectiveness with the bath. Remember to dry yourself well before applying sunscreen.

Sunscreens do not expire.

FALSE, once the protector is opened it expires and loses its effectiveness. Respect the expiration of the protector and we recommend not leaving it from one year to the next once opened.

We still have wonderful sunny days to enjoy outdoors, so remember to apply cream, your skin will thank you.

Take care, man.


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