Our products



At BOXSR we partner with independent workshops and laboratories in Spain. Being a Spanish brand with local production has always been very important for us in order to better control our processes and reduce our carbon footprint. In addition, in Spain we are leaders in cosmetic quality and it is for a reason.



We combine the best ingredients that nature has to offer with advanced biotechnology. Our products are cruelty-free and always will be. We have ensured that most of our products contain more than 97% natural ingredients, guaranteeing maximum quality and efficiency.


Sustainability is our long-term commitment. Our packaging is designed to be recycled or reused, today we can say that we have reduced the use of plastic in our packaging by 90%. We have collaborated with environmental associations to offset our carbon footprint and are working on a long-term partnership.

At BOXSR we believe that feeling good about ourselves is what makes the difference and that is why we create products that help you show the best version of yourself.