Our history

We have come to take care of your skin as you deserve it

Our day to day, we go to a thousand everywhere, work consumes most of our energy and what we have left we distribute in training to keep us healthy and in shape and to go out a little and clear ourselves with ours. There is no time left for anything and yet we have to always be prepared for everything that comes.


Like you, many of us are noticing that all those hours on foot are reflected in our faces.

The BOXSR project started because we realized that in reality…

There is no variety of personal care products for men and no information on where to start. 

Being clear about why and our objective, we carry out a study of more than 8,000 men from Spain. There was no divine inspiration, with the data that you gave us we design our routine BOX, in 3 simple steps. 

There are no miracles, the routines are the ones that will help you meet all your goals and ours are the best. We've spent more than two years perfecting the balance between results and simplicity, so you feel better than ever.

It's more than the physical aspect, it's feeling good about yourself.

Cause when you hit the grind it's done for your skin type and for your needs, you get from the first week a tremendous change in your skin, less fat Y greater luminosity.

you will notice that you invest in quality and that you wake up with a perfect skin and the people around you will notice.