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Top 6 Supplements to Increase Testosterone

Testosterone is a vital piece in any man, it contributes to health, sexual development, fertility, muscle growth, our fat loss and many other aspects of our health. 

But…do I have to worry about my testosterone levels? Well yes, as with everything related to your health, it is better to understand how it works and know what to do if something is not right. 

Testosterone decreases as we age, or when our lifestyles or health are not good. Because of this, many men decide to use supplements, to increase testosterone or related hormones directly and/or prevent the body from converting testosterone to estrogen. 

Here we leave you a list with the 6 supplements to increase testosterone:

 Vitamin D

The vitamin D works like a hormones steroids in the body. Many experts say that this is essential for the function sexual male. 

Several studies have found a bond direct between the deficiency of vitamin D and the low levels of testosterone. When participants spend more time in the summer sun, their levels of vitamin D Y testosterone increase


The ashwagandha it's a Bush of move perennial. The estate and the fruits of this plant have properties medicinal.

And study of 2019 Trusted Source examined the effects from ashwagandha in the levels hormonal of men among 40 Y 70 years with overweight Y fatigue mild. One group received a placebo while the others received ashwagandha.

The researchers discovered that the levels of testosterone of the participants who took ashwagandha were up and 14,7% more than in the placebo group.

D-aspartic acid

It is amino acid intervenes in the production Y release of testosterone.
In an earlier study Trusted Source, researchers gave 23 men a daily dose of D-aspartate for 12 days, causing their testosterone to rise.  


Fenugreek is a plant belonging to the Fabaceae family.

One analysis suggests that supplements of extract of alholva have a effect significant in the levels of testosterone of the mens.


The dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) is a hormones that beings humans produce in the form natural in your adrenal glands.

Is aid a check the levels of testosterone Y estrogen. Much research has suggested that taking DHEA supplements can increase testosterone levels, especially as we age.


Zinc helps the Health sexual of the mens, including testosterone levels improve.

Men with low testosterone levels and infertility may benefit from taking 220 mg of zinc sulfate twice daily for 1 to 4 months.  

Before taking a decision

Note this:

Although there are a wide range of supplements on the market that promise to boost your body's testosterone, only a few of them have research to support their use.

The supplements we have discussed are likely to have a much more noticeable impact on people with fertility issues or low testosterone levels even though many supplements can work for healthy, active people as well.

As always, if you feel that you need a supplement, we recommend that you first go to your doctor, he or she may recommend a specific supplement or  help you decide which treatments are best for you.

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Pedro Lezama on

Muy buena información gracia de verdad



Charbel on

Buenos dias ,testosterona,hormona,estradiol, prolactina, se sabe atraves por el examen del sangre si tengo estos problema ,soy hombre de 61 años ,tomo paxil con cialis para eyaculacion precoz y para la errecion erectil ,pero no respondo en la cama como antes

Jon on

Igual se han confundido con el 0, no creo que recomienden tanta dosis xD

Pedro Omar Cordoba on

Quiero saber de que se trata el producto y que resultado dan

Yes on

He notado que por nada subo de peso, he bajado de tallas aunque haga pesas, me gusta mucho correr pero lo he dejado porque con tan solo 2 km bajo 2 kilos, debo estar comiendo para mantenerme tengo 55 años y creo que mis niveles de testosterona están bajo que tomar para aumentar?

Juan Ramon on

Cual es el mejor suplemento de zinc para tomar para el aumento de testosterona

Xavier on

Voy a tomar zinc para aumentar la testosterona

Franz O Font on

Excelente información

Rubén Quiroz García on

Cual es el suplemento que tiene para la teatosterona



Jose Adrubal Giraldojo on

De verdad 220mg de zinc no son mucho?y dos veces al dia?.
Lo indicado no son 20 mg diarios asi se tenga bajo nivel de testosterona?

Juan Álvarez on

Me interesan las publicaciones sobre fertilidad masculina, la testosterona y las vitaminas

Aejandro on

Muy interesante siempre que los productos si contengan todo lo que se menciona ya que en ocasiones no cumplen o traen la mitad de los productos

Marco Tulio Garcia on

Me parece alta la dosis de 120 MG. / Día.
el Doctor recomendó una de 20 MG. Día. Es duficiciente?.

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