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How to remove dark circles and bags

Deep purple circles or puffy bags can be eradicated with the right routine, an eye cream and some simple tips.

Nobody likes to look like a zombie. A tired look inevitably makes you look sleep deprived. Surely you do not want to give the wrong impression about your lifestyle, so it is better to eradicate these signs of fatigue. But… Why do I have dark circles?👇 Keep reading…

What are the causes of dark circles and bags?

  • A busy life leads to Lack of sleep and to a lifestyle less healthy than a sedentary life, is a common cause.
  • Fatigue, in general, is also one of the causes of dark circles and bags. lack of sleep tends to make the skin be seen more pale, accentuating the contrast with dark circles and accelerating aging of the skin, while reduces blood circulation.
  • The poor hydration can also be one of the causes of the problem, just like water retention in the body, you can have a excess water in the tissues. In fact, this phenomenon contributes to creating edema under the eyes by accumulating. Water retention in this area often leads to the development of puffy bags.
  • The Bad circulation of blood, by interrupting the blood vessels under the eyes, can also make the eyes look less radiant, while darkening the skin. The blood pigments that accumulate in front of your eyes are what we know as purple eyes.
  • The alergies and nasal congestion can also contribute to the appearance of dark circles. Nasal congestion causes darkening of the veins that run from the eye to the nose, making dark circles more visible.
  • you can also have inherited dark circles. This problem is often due to hyperpigmentation of the skin around the eyes and is difficult to combat. But they can always be hidden, pay attention here we explain everything👇:


Dark circles and bags: Treatment

Step One: Sleep (better)

Of seven to nine hours of sleep is enough for an average person. It is up to you to find a balance, not everyone needs the same amount of sleep, but the hours of sleep must be quality. avoid the screens half an hour - an hour before going to sleep, you can read a little or listen to a podcast for example. Going to bed too full also interferes with the quality of your sleep, you can eat dinner a little earlier or make less heavy dishes.

Step Two: Nutrition

Dark circles are usually caused by a deficiency of Vitamin K. This vitamin is known as the coagulation vitamin. Without it the blood would not coagulate.

What foods provide vitamin K? 

foods rich in Vitamin Kespecially rich in filoquinonas, son:

  • Broccoli
  • cabbage
  • El kale
  • Lettuce
  • The spinach
  • The olive oil
  • soybean oil

foods rich in Vitamin Kespecially rich in menaquinonas, are found in products fermented by bacteria such as:

  • The cheese
  • sauerkraut
  • pork products
  • avian products
  • the natto

Step Three: Use the Caffeine

The caffeine or theine, are particularly good for tone up the eyes. Are vasodilator and therefore allows better blood circulation.

A home remedy for dark circles that you may have seen on Instagram is to put tea bags on your eyes, it is rumored that the use of tea bags can revitalize the area around the eyes thanks to the tannins they contain. If that doesn't convince you, you can try our eye contour which is formulated with Argireline® and Matrixyl 3000®  for relax the muscles around your eyes and Eyeseryl® to deflate and rehydrate the area around the eyes.

Step Four: Smoke Less

Cigarettes are a bad habit, you know that. The lack of oxygenation due to tobacco interrupts blood circulation and facilitates the appearance of dark circles.

How to remove eye bags

This remedy is as effective for dark circles as it is for bags under the eyes. For those whose bags persist, it is advisable to treat them with cold and hydration.

Step One: Stay Hydrated

The water you drink should logically reduce the risk of bags. Drinking several glasses of water in the morning and throughout the day eases swelling and helps reduce fluid retention.

This also implies the hydration of the area. And eye contour formulated exclusively for hydrate it deeply can be of great help.

Step Two: Cucumbers

The application of fresh cucumber slices, which contain antioxidants in large quantities, reduces irritation. Ten minutes of application is enough.

Step Three: Take a Cold Look

Using ice packs (or spoons, you can put them in the fridge for about 15 minutes) can also revitalize your look.

And you wonder... Why am I going to take care of the eye or face area? Well, it has always been said that the look is the door to the soul and more so now, that with the mask it is the only thing that the rest will see of you.

Take care, man.

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