How does stress affect the skin? How to treat the symptoms of stress on the face

If lately you've had a lot of acne breakouts and, like me, you don't know why, pay attention to what I'm going to tell you... Although I take care of my skin, I've been having a lot of acne breakouts for several weeks and until now I didn't understand why. However, I did some research and it may not be the pimples that are the real problem, but the stress!

Although we try to lead a calm life , it is often impossible to prevent stress from taking over our day to day, with all that this entails: anxiety, frustration, tiredness... and hormonal imbalances that cause skin rashes !

Although emotional stress in small doses is normal and inevitable, on many occasions it lasts over time and we don't give it the importance it has. And it is that, in truth, a long exposure to stress not only affects people emotionally, but can also unbalance the health of the epidermis .

What changes does the body undergo in stressful situations?

When suffering from stress , the skin feels in a situation of risk or threat , so it reacts as a natural defense mechanism . Thus, times of stress are not only full of tension and anxiety , but this also leads to an increase in the release of hormones that alarm the body and keep the brain active . In turn, the muscles in the body tense , which increases blood pressure .

Among the hormones released in these situations are histamine , adrenaline , and cortisol . These considerably affect many of the body's systems , as well as, for example, the immune system .

What symptoms does the skin suffer from stress?

Thus, stress considerably affects the skin , and can cause the following symptoms :

Loss of collagen and elastin: 

Stress situations accelerate the natural breakdown of collagen and elastin (which are already lost over time), favoring premature aging and all the symptoms that this entails: wrinkles , expression lines , sagging ...

Acne breakouts:

Stress directly affects the body 's hormonal balance , which can cause , in the case of men , an increase in testosterone levels. In this way, an excessive production of sebum is also created in the skin , since testosterone stimulates it. As a result, acne breakouts and blackheads appear on the body (both on the face and on the chest or back , for example).

Dull and tired face: 

Stress directly affects people's sleep , so it, in turn, is closely related to the skin as well. This occurs because the skin rests and is oxygenated during sleep hours and, when sleep is disturbed, the skin cannot properly cleanse itself and rid itself of all toxins during the night . This will make your face look tired and dull , creating inflammation in the eye area or even bags and dark circles around the eyes .


These red spots appear on any area of ​​the skin causing itching or even burning , which is why they are usually very uncomfortable . Although the most common is that they are due to exposure to cold or extreme heat or contact with allergens , in some cases stress is also usually the main cause . This occurs due to the change in hormones and chemicals that our body undergoes in this type of situation and that dilate the body 's blood vessels , thus creating the red spots called stress urticaria .

Atopic dermatitis and psoriasis:

Stress dermatitis and stress psoriasis are caused by the emotional state a person is in. This occurs because emotions and the degree of stress that is being suffered can affect the body's immune system , causing skin diseases such as atopic dermatitis or psoriasis , which are inflammatory skin diseases.

How to avoid the symptoms of stress on the skin?

It goes without saying that the most important thing is to solve the stressful situation you may be feeling, since if it persists over time, the skin symptoms will continue to be noticeable .

However, it is clear that stress is an emotional problem that, on many occasions, lasts over time and is difficult to get rid of, so I bring you the best tips to relieve the symptoms of stress on the skin:

- Cleanse the face to balance the skin's pH: cleansing the skin both in the morning and at night will prevent toxins and impurities from accumulating on the face , even unbalancing the skin's pH .

- Exfoliate the skin to prevent acne breakouts and blackheads: both acne breakouts and blackheads appear on the face due to the accumulation of dead cells and impurities in the skin. That is why exfoliating it is essential to remove them, so that the skin can breathe and oxygenate itself and thus prevent the pores from becoming clogged . He Exfoliating Facial Cleanser from BOXSR is perfect for cleaning and exfoliating the skin every day (whatever your skin type ) because of how soft it is.

- Moisturize the skin to recover collagen: hydrating the skin is essential if we want to restore the elasticity and collagen it loses over time. Thus, its barrier function is strengthened against external agents and the natural shine is returned to the face . The Revitalizing Moisturizer from BOXSR is the ideal cream for any type of skin thanks to its light texture and its high content of chamomile extract .

- Have a good diet and carry out healthy habits: the skin must not only be taken care of on the outside , but also from the inside . Therefore, it is important to put aside unhealthy habits , such as tobacco use , leading a sedentary life or having a bad diet.

Now that you know the relationship between stress and skin , we should try to take things more calmly , right? (Although it is often complicated...) At least, while you manage to find a solution , these tips to relieve your skin symptoms will help you. And, if you want to know more about hormonal changes and the skin , keep reading!

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