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Keys to sun protection in the mountains

Did you know...?

In the mountains, 300 meters of ascent means 4% more ultraviolet radiation.

Do not underestimate the effects of the king star in the mountains, because it can affect you more than on the beach.

The sun is your great friend, it is necessary and beneficial because it helps you synthesize vitamin D, which plays an important role in your nervous, muscular and immune systems, but you should take it in moderation and with good protection.

We give you some tips to protect yourself effectively from the sun in the mountains:

1. Use high sun protection (SPF50+)

Even if your skin is dark and you don't usually burn, remember that the inside of your skin is damaged and you need to prevent its aging.

2. Clothes also protect you from the sun

The synthetic fibers, the most woven fabrics and the ones that are closest to the body are the ones that offer you the most protection. There are technical clothes with a higher sun protection index.

3. Color diet

The more intense the color of the fruits and vegetables you eat, the better they will prepare your body to receive the sun's rays. Start the diet a month before, to increase the reserve of antioxidants and enhance your defense system and anti-free radicals.

4. Take care of your hair

The sun can dry it out too much.

5. Use an insect repellent

Avoid products that combine sun protection and repellent, because you have to apply sunscreen more frequently.

6. Avoid the SHRIMP EFFECT

The skin contains a high percentage of water that is lost with sun exposure. It is very important that you replace the lost water with the help of an aftersun and drink plenty of fluids, to avoid sunstroke, dehydration of the skin and that you turn red like a tomato.

7. Protect your lips

So that they don't dry you out.

8. Sunglasses

Protect your eyes with good sunglasses that cover your periocular area well: the skin around the eyes is much thinner and more sensitive and you should take care of it.

We recommend that you apply the eye contour at night to prevent wrinkles and crow's feet.

Take care, man.


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