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Shaved or bearded? Which one makes you look more attractive? We have the answer.

No matter where you live, winter is the time to break out the flannel shirts, boots, taking advantage of Movember you grow a beard and you're ready to take that lumberjack photo.

But... What makes you seem more attractive?The beard or a shave shaved? If you are a single man this may interest you. According to the research of the Journal of Evolutionary Biology, your facial hair (or lack thereof) impacts the chances that you will attract a short-term relationship or a long-term partner. 

In the study, the researchers asked 8,520 women what will qualify the attractive of the mens with different levels of facial hair. The result? To the beard Play a big role in the perception of sex appeal and the masculinity of a man.

Most women of the study perceived the bearded men more attractive. You can be happy bearded!

Do you feel capable of chopping wood and building a cabin? Do you also feel ready for marriage and children? Great, because the results also show that when it comes to long term relationships, the women prefer to the bearded men complete. The reasoning goes back to our primal instincts: women come to the bearded men I eat more mature, manly, aggressive, and most likely they are capable enough to hold a family Y fend of the predators.

This study did not take into account whiskers, a recent study from the dating site Plenty of Fish explored what single women thought of men with "moustaches" and results were positives! single women find attractive Movember mustaches.

Which style is the sexiest? 

Here's what science has taught us about how your facial hair can influence first impressions. 

First place:

  • Unkempt beard: It is perceived as sexy and fun. It also tends to give the feeling of being a person looking for short term fun instead of a long-term commitment.

Second place:

  • Full beard: The beard Preferred between women and men What do they seek long term relationships. It is perceived as masculine, confident, hard-working.

Third place:

  • Mustache: Men with a mustache are perceived as more mature and older. Although now among young people it is closely linked to the modern and alternative, with having roll. 

Fourth place:

  • Shave shaved: Not the most popular but perceived as the most healthy and social. Rejuvenating.  


Do you feel that your beard does not look as good as it should? Does it bother you and itches you?

Many of us grow our beards for comfort, but the fact that we do not have to shave every day does not mean that we should not take care of it. 

Argan Oil aid to which the barba be seen more healthy, plus complete, plus manageable and have better smell.

Aceite para barba
Its benefits:
  • Moisturizes hair and skin. When a beard is dry, it looks old and dull. 
  • Avoid itching.
  • prevents that barba, with the growth, with the gang.



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