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7 tips for a good shave

Are you in a hurry in the morning and don't have enough time for a good shave? We give you some tips to improve it and during the minutes that your shave lasts, pay a little attention to the "king of your personal care".

como afeitar bien

Let your skin wake up

Your skin wakes up sleepy like you, so give it its time and always shave after breakfast.

Follow up with a clean

Clean it with cold water and soap to help activate your skin.

You may have heard that warm or hot water is better to open the pores, but remember that what you will achieve is drying out your skin, making it more prone to cuts.

Use a traditional razor

maquinilla de afeitar tradicional

Unlike disposable razors, they allow you to achieve a smoother and more even shave in just one or two strokes, avoiding irritation and redness and taking better care of your skin.

With the traditional razor You collaborate to avoid tons of plastic waste and it also means less expense.  

Avoid irritations

Do not press with the razor as if there were no tomorrow and make short and smooth passes, taking care of your skin with each pass.

Let the razor blades do their job and help yourself with your fingers to stretch your skin for a better shave.

Do not shave against the grain and always slide your razor in the direction of the hairline.

Keep in mind that with the razor you not only remove the hair, but also the protective barrier of your skin.

Check the condition of the blades

It is recommended to change them every four uses, especially if you have a hard beard.

The order of shaving is important

Leave the mustache for last, since the hair in this area is harder and more resistant.

It is advisable to soak it well in cream to soften your shave.

Refresh your skin after shaving to close the pores and apply a gel aftershave that soothes your skin and regenerates its protective barrier of your skin.

The weekend is to rest

It is advisable not to shave every day and the weekend is ideal to rest.

Take advantage of it to take care of your skin with a good moisturizer!

Take care, man.

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